Your Name Live Action Parody, Final Miyazaki Film 2020 & More Anime News!

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  • MyAbsurdum reply Oh god, if most future anime became mindless teenage garbage like Sword Art Online or Asterisk Wars, that would be the end of anime for me. That poster of the girl all tied up was a dead giveaway. I don't think I'll ever want a live action or a parody of a series I like (unless the latter is a comedy). If that old man threatening some school girls was the only instance, I'm willing to bet the man was mad drunk. It's still messed up.
  • Hoshi-Hana reply Really nice video! I didn't know Miyazaki hired people but it's pretty cool that he does! There will always be weird dudes and dudettes out there 😂 The man with the bare-foot fetish had me like "WTF lol".
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