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  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I see you make different types of design masks using A4 paper.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply How the heck did this happen, seriously 🤣 It has 2 B that sexC Mask!!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply You're welcome! :)
  • [ – ] nodetact reply It's remarkably yet understandably the only time to date that he's been polite, selfless and most of all appreciative for "normal" people to come to terms with the not so obvious fact that he acts power hungry and mysterious for creatively intellectual reasons. I can only wonder why... *COUGH!* Verification! *COUGH* But seriously, though, your quality over quantity seconds only duration videos kick my future Time Attack album videos to the curb, and your graciously relatable self confidence to my own high ego is just all that so invigorating! My complete congratulations on all of this! (: (<- nobody that I know of does this mirrored version of emoji's!)
    • AxxL_Afriku parent reply No brother, I got verified a long time before this video. I think it happened after 1 day. Back then there was no 50 followers requirement.
  • [ – ] Boxing_TV reply Weeeeeeeellllllllcccccccccoooommmmmeeeeeee xD
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