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  • Eureka_seven reply It's been about 3 years since I last watched the original anime series I may need to watch it again if you want to know a really good underrated anime that never actually got finished because Japan didn't like it the name of the anime is called Deadman Wonderland the last good anime that have thing with Space Dandy alright anime that I don't care anymore is called Attack on Titan it was alright in my opinion but because they have delayed season 2 for so long I don't even care anymore I'm more of a old school Anime Watcher I started watching anime back in the mid-90s when DBZ come on Toonami I basically stopped watching anime around 2012 the last Good Year the anime come out was around 2010 most of all enemies that come out now are basically the same I really wish anime was the same quality as it was back in the nineties and early 2000s I'm not talking about animation I'm talking about storytelling in the atmosphere yes the animation looks good now but that's not likely with my opinion ...moreabout the animation now because everything is computer generated now it doesn't have that Unique Style that the artist put into their characters and they kind of look all the same I'm not saying using computers to make animation is bad I believe the best strategy is a mixture hand-drawn and computer-generated the reason that use computers because it cuts down on the time to make the anime and they can streamline it probably the biggest thing the reason they do this is outsourcing now comes the most overrated anime I believe of all time Sword Art Online I can't believe how many people give it so much praise a lot of that give it so much praise haven't even seen Cowboy Bebop the anime Community has gotten really talked in the past 8 years we're used to being about communicating and learning about different ideas in anime now it's about a pissing contest you can mostly blame this problem on the fact that these anime studios are trying to make in the main more mainstream we don't need to be mainstream cuz that's what runs all forms of medium YouTube is collapsing because the mainstream media is trying to take over it mainstream don't equal better
  • [ – ] ShineTAD reply Studio bones animated Ao and goodnight sleep tight young lovers was alright but it wasn't that great , you're better off watching the Series.
    • Eureka_seven parent reply I say they shouldn't touch the series again if they don't get a good director or the original manga Creator to sign off and direct the story the original mother actually had a different ending than the anime and I prefer the anime version now it comes to ao something went screwy a lot of the main core fans of the original series didn't like it cuz it wasn't Canon in the story wasn't even that great either I'm not saying they need to make it completely Cannon they could do like the Ghost in the Shell series but ao was a total disaster in my opinion I don't think they're going to fucked this time because because Eureka Seven is kind of a unknown anime series and the people that will actually go wash it is going to be the fans of it and because it's going to be a movie version they're going to have a higher budget so they're not going that cut as many corners is like ao did
  • Eureka_seven reply Fuck ao if they can get the same people that worked on Eureka Seven good night sleep tight young lovers it will be good and I only will accept it if it's bones that's making it
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