The Far Left is Losing Institutional Power

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  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Forget wings. It's about good or bad ideas.
  • [ – ] Zerucke reply I like you. I like you because you do not only care about winning, but about making the world a better place.
    • Kaladesh parent reply He is one of the few people in the Sceptic(TM) Community I have respect for. He is serious and committed, and is sincere. We need more people like him in the world.
  • [ – ] Imtabca reply Individual liberty is always a minority viewpoint that must temporarily ally with whoever is opposing the strongest group that is attempting to make their cultural views dominant. We must beware thinking our current "friends" will never seek to impose their values once they become stronger. Red Pill your Red Pill
    • Sharpwing parent reply Absolutely correct. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The same right-wing think tanks we're feeding into will betray us and will try to undermine us just like the left did. They will also continue to try and censor the web and free expression. Free expression and speech is only for the idea that everyone deserves to have a voice. That is an unpopular idea with both sides and they will never let it happen if we support them 100%. The true minority is the unpopular opinion. Ordinary people will always try to deny that the quality of life.
  • [ – ] TheAverageAirsofter reply Good points, Dave. Like how in physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. Now that the ID politics from the far left is dying out, I'm concerned with the female authoritarianism of third-wave feminism gradually becoming the male authoritarianism of MGTOW. Not only that, but the blatant anti-white racism of the black identitarians becoming the deplorable anybody-who-isn't-one-of-us-is-a-good-goy attitude of the Alt-right. Hopefully, the cycle can be broken through reasoning with each other rather than continuing the division through ID politics.
    • [ – ] Majin_Icarus parent reply Whaaat? First of all, MGTOW does not and will never have the same reach as feminism in society, for quite a lot of reasons. Second, MGTOW is incapable of being authoritarian because it's individualistic; it's about the individual "waking up" (or so they say) and doing things on his own for his own sake, rather than "waking society up to fulfil the demands of MGTOW". Radical branches of MGTOW can be filled with wrong and toxic ideas, but they will never be "authoritarian" because even in it's top end radicalism it does not advocate for any kind of societal control. The most "vicious" MGTOW member doesn't want that "women bend to the wills of men", but rather wants "to be as far away as possible of any association with women". This has nothing to do with being authoritarian. Radicalism and authoritarianism are not the same thing (even if they often come together).
    • Majin_Icarus parent reply In fact, MGTOW is somewhat akin to a form of anarchism and extreme individualism for men. If anything it's the opposite of authoritarianism. That's one of the reasons most hardcore right-wing conservatives hate MGTOW just as much as feminists...... they just call them "fags and pussies" rather than "sexist misogynysts".
  • Capt_Nemo reply Hey Dave, Did you see Lauren Southern 's video about how culture warriors infiltrated the Libertarians? She makes an interesting point about what happens if you don’t watch out. It definitely boosts your point about vigilance:
  • [ – ] Joe_Somebody reply It's tricky as this swing from one extreme of politics towards the other side is often the "pendulum" effect that we hear referred to when the swing goes too far in the other direction. Hopefully though this time will be different as the internet is becoming more popular and we have a more real time observation and reporting of those who "bandwagon" and can hopefully call out opportunists and stop thing from implementing bad ideas with a different coat of paint.
    • [ – ] Kaladesh parent reply I have been saying this for years. I saw it coming, and gave the warning repeatedly. We need to have balance. Otherwise we will maniacally lurch from one disastrous ideology to another. We need to have another option, an alternative ideology and set of principles to have. We need to have a new cultural identity.
      • Joe_Somebody parent reply Kaladesh: True, because otherwise if we don't keep this a measured shift we could end up like the 1980's where moral busy bodies on the right wing try and tell us what music we can listen to and that DnD is satanic. These people exist on both sides, and they will go to whatever side allows them to gain power and bully other people. I'm hoping with the internet, we can get it right this time.
  • skullytmcgra reply Celebrities needs to shut the fuck up and stop bitching to make hard working people to look like shit. Living these days is coming to be a real life YouTube because people treating people like shit if other people don't like them. I was watching Seth MacFarlane new show yesterday and his show was spot on what's going on now even Terry Parker and Matt Stone is making fun of shit that's going on now. The cycle will never will stop till someone will admit that their is something wrong with this problem. Most celebrities are on a witch hunt but Republican hunt and shutting down shows because they have a different opinion or idea's to what they want to do and they don't like it one bit. If most celebrities had to walk in a life of a homeless person or a poor person or crippled person they wouldn't be assholes or worthless as fuck. It's sad that Hugh Heffner made poor class women and homeless women famous and gave them money. It's also sad that hard working people build shelters for the h...moreomeless. You won't see that most music or tv or internet or story creators celebrities doing nice things for people. Plus we don't need feminism in the USA anymore because everyone is treated equally now and the wage gap is bullshit that people believe in. No one is happy unless they make other people feel like shit. If people got along in the world it be fucking weird and too awesome. I don't care what others think about me. So here's a life lesson if no one wants to be nice to then don't let it get to you. Just know you try your best to be nice to them. Enjoy your day or night and relax to the weekend.
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Nikki Minaj is waayyyyyyy off!!!! I've worked for 13 years as a male in Both professional and minimum wage capacities and have literally never gotten any respect or gotten ahead despite being a prompt hard worker. It has nothing to do with your gender. It has to do with what field you go into and how much you are willing to politic. I just work my ads off which apparently counts for nothing. ... I could care less really... but the bottom line is that being a male won't get you ahead even if you're an extremely hard worker.
    • rxantos parent reply It mostly depend on who you know and how much have you inherited. Inheriting hard beats working hard every time. Life is a monopoly game in which all the properties have already being taken by other players.
  • RuneJensen reply Is there a way to show comments more in youtube style
  • rxantos reply As with trading, I would be worried about a possible overcompensation.
  • KimHanson reply Sounds good. I just wish it were true. It seems to me more and more of the people I know are being sucked into the SJW agenda. It isn't just that people are keeping their heads down and trying not to do or say the wrong thing, they are starting to buy into the narrative. Your insistence on highlighting the division between left and right is worrying. That's not where the problem lies. The difference between authoritarians and libertarians is the real fight. Left and right libertarians can get along. Left and right authoritarians can't and never will. Hell, left authoritarians can't get along with other left authoritarians! (Same for right authoritarians.)
  • AHoodedPerson reply Either liberal or conservative? Uh...
  • paddymcgrory reply The death of 3 things is causing all of this idiocy. Sacred masculinity, sacred femininity and morality. Until we fix those 3 things, we're all fucked.
  • GradVM reply don't say hop before you land on both feet...
  • freerangehobo reply Can’t we all just get along? All the divisions in our culture is giving platforms to complainers and whiners who feign moral outrage, and demand that they be heard. Colleges no longer seem to be interested in teaching useful things, rather they push agendas and stir controversy that distract from the very important aspects of living amongst human beings, each who have unique qualities and potential to succeed. Instead, we’ve abandoned normal thoughts and aspirations to pursue divisive issues that are portrayed as urgent and all encompassing. Really, the majority of humans only want to be happy, and to be successful. The only things standing in the way of that is the individual paths that we choose. Stop focusing on all these faux issues and search for the the things that bond us as a species.
  • halfasheep reply People are probably more likely to listen to members of their own race and sex.
  • CigarBGuitarefx reply It is a false dichotomy to say that politics is divided into some left right paradigm. Politics, like many human institutions, is multi faceted.
  • BlueBerryM reply centre left and centre right are in the bounds of political agreement. Move any more right or left and you shouldn't be taken seriously.
  • [ – ] whitezombie reply While feminism is a thing there can be nothing better. The religion that gave rise to all the other bad ideas of the last two centuries must come down first before we can tackle its offspring in any effective way. Left? right? meaningless labels they are all left. there is no right. Tyranny is tyranny, whether the tyrant is a family man that goes to church or an atheist that "represents the will of the people" Without freedom we have nothing. If you do not own yourself then you cannot claim to own anything. all you have belongs to your owner. Wtf happened to the data social autopsy collected Dave? Where are they? does she have them the company that sold her the web page has them, or have they been "lost in cyberspace"? Whatever i for one want answers. we are talking about the private details of real persons here. this is not something that can be simply forgotten. That data can be used to blackmail or ruin careers. This is not a lark this is deadly serious. If it happened once it ...morewill happen again.
    • [ – ] rxantos parent reply The religion that has given us a lot of ideas (good and bad) is called government. For example democracy is bullshit. Those who are prepared to make the decisions should be the ones doing the decisions. Judges and lawyers should be banned from administration. Lawyers and Judges should come from different schools as Lawyers purpose is to bend the truth just enough to win while a Judge purpose is that the truth is not bent. or broken. They should have different schools.
      • whitezombie parent reply Without democracy there can be no rights only temporary privileges. You are at the whim of the ruler. As for judges and lawyers, the reasoning is send a thief to catch a thief. Who knows the tricks of the trade better than someone who practised them in person? The problem is the legislative branches of governments that are unable to make a clear unambiguous law understood by all. There are always exceptions corollaries and i don't know what else, that make a legal document mean the opposite of what you think. We all have a huge problem. Our laws descend from a time of absolute monarchs . That is the root of most of the trouble we have with our laws,. For instance, property tax. In a democracy direct,, representative, or otherwise, you have a the right to own property in your own right. How then can they tax you on what is your right to have? The law goes back when all land belonged to the crown. The person, subject not citizen, rented the land from the king. The the tax was the rent. ...more When there was no more king, it was found expedient for the government to assume his rights. That means that while you have the right to own property, you don't in fact own it. The government does, because it is the successor of the king. As the successor the government can collect taxes from you for the land it in effect rents you. Legal fiction, but it allows the government to rob you and imprison you if you don;t pay. Unconstitutional as al get out by any constitution you care to name, but there you have it. See what i mean? They won't tell you that and the books that may refer to that are hidden from the public, but they are used none the less.
  • GoodTimeHolzy44 reply Good ribbons.
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