Fallout 4 Playthrough Episode 53

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply We're getting somewhere, a little at a time. But something big is brewing like a big mug of tea!
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply Someone's prejudiced against Boos?? >:( I am happy to see you would murder another mortal for such a crime against Bookind! I shall spare you nightmares, mortal. >:D I hope your acts were so grisly you had no choice but to leave them off-camera! bwahahaha cower in fear mortals, for King Boo has loyalists among you still!! >:D bwahahahhaha!!!
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Glad you're feeling better. Seeing playthroughs make me want to play but then I remember I can't play XD so I watch it's more entertaining this way!
    • MarzieMalfoy parent reply Awwww Thank you! People like you that inspire me to keep going :D I do the same thing too on certain games. If I just cannot manage the controls but really want to get into the lore, I watch other people play it lol
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