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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I watched the first few episodes of this. The first episode was quite a draw and like you said the side character at center stage was amazing. I might have felt an initial disappointment because of that. I'm going to pick this back up and probably space it out instead of marathoning it as you suggested. Thanks. :D
    • MissMulti parent reply I've watched them all :D We didn't get very many dark animes from this season literally only this and Saga of tanya the evil :( Most of the animes this season were fluffy and cute lol. Yeah i loved the side character they built him up so much! But nevermind.. they built up alot of the characters in that way but it was confusing because it did it on the first episode. They really should have focused on the main first so we understood who the main character was. No worries, i hope you enjoy it, there are some lovely stories in there especially episode 3, i really liked that one. Thanks for watching and tipping :D
  • Kimota reply It looks like my type of anime, I haven't saw or hear(music) almost anything from a while since I've a problem with my hornets. I like a lot japanese culture, it seems interesting that is set in that era.
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