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Crazy Rocky & Rebel Edge Diss Track (PARODY)

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May 5 2017

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THIS IS ALL FOR FUN. WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS AND THIS IS JUST A SHOW. HOPE YOU HAVE FUN! Video will be removed at request of Thanks to RebelEdge and Rocky for taken part but I can't do anymore lol. @rebeledgeentertainment @CrazyRocky Their Diss Tracks. RebelEdge Diss Track (to Rocky): Rocky Diss Track 2 (on RebelEdge): Rocky Diss Track 1 (on me): Lyrics: Crazy Rocky dissed me first then come at my boy Jason nova. Talking about my gaming vids then mentions my views wait a mo' cuz. My diss track got double yours and yours was better blatent no Bruv. Cray sound like when marzie took the medication Jason knows that. Jason says that I took an L. Wait. Rawbrother 3 Come to the mic and then eliminate these corpse on their feet. ... he don't speak but he's omega war on the streets. Call him a ghost writer, but he ain't ordinary... I'm a lord, your a fiend. Your a lord on your knees. Jason 100% dead comes and talks on a beat... Suddenly it's un-ignorable heat. Dude sounds like a Mormon to me. There's a horse in your sheets. Take off the mask you godforsaken demon. Slay the devil, call me Constantine man... I need to look into your eyes as a kill you as I'm​ meant like its monster season. Now you maybe asking oh my god what's the reason. Now if they only kept my name out of there hot breath mouths. I wouldn't bring this cassius clay, 1 2 bob step pow! Both of you is succubus. I'm untouchable you innocuous. 1 pretends to be a demon the other is a COPy kid. Jason and rocky sitting in the tree. L O S and I N G. First came a diss track then he tried to man it. But it sounded like child's play so I dealt this now, manage! I wanna be the next to 1k with my content. So I'll Colab with some unknown dude on some nonsense​. What the hell was that trash! Bro what's next. Make a war with Jason to get views. Stop! Dead! Twitter is where i get to talk more nonsense. #commentary #gamingcomedy #gamingmontage #funtage #itsonlyrawman #rawman #disstrack #crazyrocky #jasonnova #jasondisstrack #rockydisstrack #rebeledgeentertainment #rebeledge #rogueedge #lastone #iloveaiya #ilovejasonandrocky #wearefamily #vidmecop #vidmecopthevidmecop #finaladdress

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