QuackShot - Part One - Dedicated to Ty the Cat / Stay and Play

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  • [ – ] RetroBit reply HAHA! WOW! So Donald found the map AS that guy was looking through the window. So this was already a premeditated attempt to peep in at Scrooge McDuck (Since it is HIS house). What the hell was that gang member there for in the first place? If Donald wasn't there maybe the next sequence would have been the gang member stuffing balled up tissue paper into his pocket and taking off. :| This game has some hilarious and strange animations. Good video guys. Hahah.
    • StayandPlay parent reply Yea I mean wtf was that guy like casing the joint? Or does Pete's gang just like hang out at Scrooge McDuck's all the time. lol I'm laughing at the thought of watching him stuff his pockets full of tissue paper. Thanks man
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