Destroy Your Enemies - Vlad the Impaler Style!

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  • [ – ] BanditStrategy reply Could you pass me that wooden spike please? Thank you. Hey.....your shoes untied
    • whitezombie parent reply Nice try ! Do i look like a Romanian? Vlad learned strategy from the best. The Janissaries! who where they? Non Turks that run the whole show! Conquered people who 's son's where abducted and brainwashed in to Ottoman fanatics(some of them). How many were just pretending? Most of those with the brains to actually climb the ladder of power! The Ottomans did the same mistake the Romans did they educated their enemies! Vlad was one of them, but not the only one! Pity he did not have time to deal with the moronic nobility of his time , history would have been different. Oh Well, we already knew she was a bitch!
  • Collin_Sorgenfrei reply "I am BanditStrategy, and I will see you guys in the comments", but you're BanditIncorporated ;-D
  • tonysintheattic reply These psychological videos are really cool, I like this
  • Jaime_Horn reply Devilishly ingenious. >:) Another great video, Bandit! Very helpful advise.
  • Lord_Morbius reply Hey Bandit, can you mine some lessons from historical figures like King Tut, P.T. Barnum or Aliester Crowley? Just trying to make it a challenge for you. :)
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