United Airlines is Utterly, Stupefyingly Bad at Public Relations

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  • wolfalexzemla reply People have learned to not think because our schools are trying to dumb us down.
  • Jayjjj reply He didn't get "punched out", he was removed after refusing to leave on his own and then resisted during. Standing rock was a real example of powerful people being evil and abusive.......this? This is civil society, police enforcing rules that benefit us all. When you don't follow those rules and fight with law enforcers....you may get hurt? And they did offer money, do some fucking research before you flap your gums.
  • wolfalexzemla reply why do the police assume the passenger is at fault here instead of the airlines. sounds like corporate profiling to me, or rather customer profiling. The corporation is always right, and holier than thou. Just step on the little people as hillary used to say.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Next they will use AI to check facebook to see if you deserve to fly in the first place.
  • wolfalexzemla reply The crew member should have been removed not the passenger.
  • skobiekilla reply Nonsense he was working fiendish Dr Woo .
  • jivenderosis reply By the way, they had already offered a hotel stay and either $800 or a free ticket (I think) for whoever left the flight but noone took the offer, so they chose several random passengers to remove. At least thats what I heard.
  • THOMPSONATOR reply The larger the corporation, the more it behaves like the government instead of the private. I hope they get sued and their stock plummets. Fucking idiots
  • StolenMoment reply Correction: ex-doctor ex-Vietnamese well known to police in his old Kentucky home. Pill pusher, homo, and all around great guy. The officers should be disciplined for having dead batteries.
  • [ – ] CamillaSweden reply Hello.. Total madness all over the world.. :/ I am bit of a "nerd" where it comes to Google Earth, to me it is just so cool to "travel the world" without even leave my kitchen.. :D And one thing that I have noticed is that you have an awful lot of Airports in The US. (since you talk of your small airport here in the video) How many airports are there in the US total? Does anyone know that? :D //C~Sweden with not all that many airports
  • OralRobots reply Huge corporations have a God-given right to a profit regardless of consequences or human rights. /sarcasm
  • [ – ] StolenMoment reply Doctor? no evidence of that. He appears to be N. Korean. Should have been batoned into compliance.
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