YouTube Boycott, Advertisers and Censorship

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  • [ – ] mandatum reply Audio seems a bit low.
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Son ya hair is luxurious as hell, looking like it grant me wishes and shit. I want that. It's beautiful... maybe it's Maybelline.. Oh and good video fam, you're a smart guy.
  • [ – ] Grizz01 reply I'm here because of what I'm hearing about YouTube. I want to see more freedom of speech. Yea, I know its a company... but when the big companies take over, speech is being squelched.
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply You're definitely not alone lol. YouTube's situation is worrying. I mean, creators get by fine on Patreon, but if YouTUbe doesn't make enough money on ad rev in the future... then how will those servers keep running? Worrying to say the least.
      • [ – ] Grizz01 parent reply Right now I see things happening to conservative speech. They want to hinder it. But at the same time I think they won't stop there. I think it is the big companies trying to ruin the medium to push them back to the TV. But, they don't see the big picture. I heard someone saying something to the effect of... once you leave the matrix, you can't or don't want to go back. There is just to much diversity on YouTube type media to want to really head back to TV only programming.
        • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yes, everything that is not mainstream liberal thinking, even moderate views, are not acceptable to many, which is scary. And yes, old media is scared of this new media. They are scared that personalities are taking the power away from them. They are scared that REAL people that show their face are the one's gaining the trust and the views and the audience that old media will never get back. And ironically, with all of their character assassinations and censorship, they are making themselves look even worse. You're right. Once you open the door to this digital world, you can't go back. But the same goes for freedom of speech. A topic I'll be touching on later this week. If it is hindered, it becomes a slippery slope.
          • [ – ] Grizz01 parent reply Absolutely. Just because I don't like someones thoughts should not hinder their freedom to express those rights! I didn't fight for my country (USA) for people to have thier thoughts and ideas stopped by any kind of thuggery. (is that a word?) It doesn't matter if I agree or not. A civilized society needs the ability to express their opinions on any topic. Whether it be on the Marvel Universe, Politics or wood working.
            • Canadian_Consumer parent reply That is exactly what I value as well. We don't all need to agree and be friends, and we shouldn't. That would get us nowhere. We need to open our minds to other ideas, and we need to learn how to communicate. Most of all we need to learn that not agreeing on something is NOT a bad thing. It doesn't automatically make someone you're mortal enemy.
  • [ – ] Davidbur reply You're not too far off, with the liberal left joining with Islam. "..if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” Ronald Reagan and "The fascists of the future will be called [will call themselves] anti-fascists;" Winston Churchhill One might think these men were being prophetic considering what is happening in our world today, but maybe it is just history repeating itself?
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply You also touched on topic related to my next video... I'm kind of scared of it haha but it's fucking happening.
      • [ – ] Davidbur parent reply Good , I'll be waiting for your next video.
        • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Aw shit, here we go boys and girls. (btw it probably won't be my literal next video, but it will be this week). Really interested to see the response to it from my new lil community. And hopefully, whether people agree or not, they will talk about it in a civilized fashion. Stay tuned.
          • Davidbur parent reply No problem, this is what good communication is all about. The freedom to disagree or agree with respect. Truth always prevails, and differing opinions is what gets the grey matter working. Good debates are always friendly.
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply If it's being shoved down your throat, it's probably not freedom. If you find yourself thinking about what you can or cannot say, it's probably not freedom. Yes, I believe intelligent leaders do have some insight into political movements ;)
  • [ – ] Rhyzir reply So I guess it's going to become 'TheirTube' then...
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply "AdTube" haha. You're right, if it keeps going that way it'll just become a platform that promotes whatever is politically correct in the mainstream for that time period. Kinda sad.
  • [ – ] iTone reply I have several videos demonetized just because of songs that play in a game.. like life is strange. YouTube is definitely getting a bit shitty.
    • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yah, as someone who creates music myself I would actually want people to hear my music, translates to more sales, especially if people like the track and want to hear it without the game and talking sounds haha. There's a difference between just using someone's music without paying them for your own advantage, and having content with embedded music playing quietly in the background... But the laws are extremely outdated when it comes to the music industry.
      • [ – ] iTone parent reply yeah exactly. i know if it were me i'd want people to hear it all over the place. like you said if it was someone claiming it as their own for the purpose of getting paid then yeah i get demonitizing but when it's in a game what are you supposed to do about it. YouTube is being highly unfair to their creators. That's why we creators are looking for other platforms. they need to start treating their creators properly.
  • Boobe2007 reply Yeah YouTube heroes had my 11 year old channel deleted for "spam" then had the audacity to brag about it on Twitter
  • [ – ] CatAMations reply Says something nice...
  • oneloosenut2000 reply when we got google+ was the same day in china there was a media summit and google was there, google got kicked out of china, google wants back into china, google agreed to censor youtube in a show of faith to china that they can be trusted to do so, and they are doing it in small steps. more is coming until youtube meets chinas demands. this means no one who can speak the truth about the government, in china you go to jail if you speak the truth because you first must have permission to speak about such things, and youtube is forcing people to want to leave on their own by starving them out. this way google does not look so bad.
  • KentonRhodes reply "If you want to sell me your product, you better be where I am." Where I am, has ad blockers. Because I fucking despise the petty consumerist bullshit. If there is something I want or need, I'll search for it, I don't need the constant bombardment.
  • [ – ] Imherenow reply Youtube is using any excuse to impose their own ideology.
  • [ – ] bl_kirk reply YT is going for an internet tv channel status. With the exception of a few large YouTubers, most videos are going to be "restricted" and demonetized
  • [ – ] Chaos reply Audio little low, otherwise great video!
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply I'm aware, apologies! And thank you so much for the tip! I appreciate that you would value my content in such a way. It means a lot! I would send you a private message but I'm at work and the app doesn't have that option it appears... so you get this. Thank you so much!
  • [ – ] Stamasian reply You have excellent points here. This is why I really hope Vidme doesn't do the whole ad-revenue thing.
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply Yah I'm skeptical too. But if I were to be able to choose ads, I wouldn't mind. Then it would be up the creators to pick something that wouldn't make their audience want to blow their brains out. Hell, maybe the ads will be from cool, smaller creative companies or something haha.
  • wolfalexzemla reply f the un-holy alliance(liberals/ muslims) and their warped uncreative view of the world
  • [ – ] TomoyoSoup reply I'm leaving YouTube, looking for something else.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply I no longer use google for email and search(use duck duck) just waiting for my news providers to come here or, then i will done with google forever.
  • [ – ] Stragen reply good vid
  • [ – ] Mike_Digital reply Yep-it is great to see some alternatives becoming popular-why the heck do we need YouTube?
    • Canadian_Consumer parent reply Well, these last two days have proven to me that we don't. This community is growing. Both you guys, my audience, are amazing. And other content creators here are making cool original content :)
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply LOL "Mabey on the fucking moon", you should've opened the video with this line, haha
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