Clockwork Planet - WATCH or NOT

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  • [ – ] palvarezcruz reply I dropped it after the first episode. The writing was bad, the sex jokes were childish instead of hot, and visuals were mediocre so they didn't make up for those negatives. The plot was weird but I thought I'd like the anime since I love lolis and scifi but it really didn't work for me.
    • MudanTV parent reply It does get a bit over the top with everything, I wonder if it gets better or worse with newer episodes
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I like it well enough mainly for the big guy punching robots in their non existent faces. I've watched to completion much worse.
  • [ – ] InnocentMusik reply You know what's even more sad? The author of NGNL wrote this thing. Hype happens then hype died cause of everything you said. :/ Good call to drop it...No idea why I'm still watching it myself. xD
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