White Knight Chronicles I & II - part 10 - Caves - Chrono

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  • [ – ] Blue_Rayner reply @Chrono1985 @KazumaSatou Are you still gonna finish this first section and then the 2 story? have you been online questing? yet! love to see the results, Thank you.
    • [ – ] Chrono1985 parent reply I have kind of fell out of playing it now. Just have life stuff to deal with. The online servers don't exist anymore for years now. I did play online a little back when the game was new and it was fun. It is a shame it just not possible anymore.
  • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd reply What do you think about the game controls so far? In my case, I did not like it that much and did not like the idea of my create character just becoming a side kick. If they made the story with just main characters, then I got no problem playing this game. Sorry for the rant. hehe
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