Why I came to Vidme + Response to Brosnan Hoban

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  • [ – ] Ghawk reply The only upper hand YouTube has over vidme is that they have been around longer. Also Vidme had a rocky start.
    • GunDoctorTV parent reply Yes I believe you are correct and one big problem with YT is that it has lost touch with its creators. They went from Brodcast yourself to broadcast what we want. I don't really know much about Vidmes start I have only been on the platform a few weeks.
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply IDK why Keemstar loves youtube so much he has been banned like 10 times from the site.
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply siiiiick Nuka Cola poster. I want something like that, maybe Enclave related wow you get some insane watch time!!!
    • GunDoctorTV parent reply Thanks, Well since you mentioned the Enclave. We are in pre production of a Fallout fan film or fan series rather. The Enclave Remnant are the main Antagonist.
  • MrRogut reply Youtube is falling more and more, thanks vidme we have a breather to offer good content. Very good vide
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply I'm not asking to bust your balls, but do you have a source for what you say about YouTube only promoting advertiser friendly content? Reason I ask is I really have not noticed a bias one way or another on my related feed, but I've of course heard ThYankeeMarshal and Neverenuffammo making the same claims.
    • GunDoctorTV parent reply Yeah I can't clarify on that. I have heard Neverenuffammo talk about that. I didn't actually say add friendly. I said they promote monetized over non monetized. I personally have not been demonized. I have only experienced a dip in revenue.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply loved the YouTube business plan cut scene
  • [ – ] BrosnanHoban reply Dude love the video! Something I need to work on that you mentioned in this video is to share more videos on social media. Keep it up my man!
    • GunDoctorTV parent reply Thanks man! I appreciate that. This video was way out of the norm for me but I enjoyed making it. The Vidme community seems great I think it's a great fit and Vidme I feel has great potential.
  • [ – ] whako reply Yeah YouTube used to be good then it went down hill, that is why i stopped posting content on there. Vidme is a fresh start and the community is supporting each other helping everyone grow. Finally, the Vidme staff are active with the community unlike YouTube and allow creativity for the content creators.
  • Kentantino reply Soooo true I'm always saying the same thing do good content and polish your editing skill if you want to raise to the top XD
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