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  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply Was rooting for UNC but it was a hard fought game! GG Zags!
  • [ – ] conner reply Heartbreaking loss :( I was rooting for you guys the whole time. Maybe this is a good sign though. UNC lost last year and redeemed themselves this year... Who knows what will happen next year with Gonzaga!
    • danielamann parent reply I know I know, but we really wanted that thing! It was a tough one. And only the second loss of the season too, so it was even harder to watch knowing that we aren't used to losing. But they changed the world that is Gonzaga Basketball. Big things moving forward I'm certain!
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply Was hoping to actually see your reaction to the game, but understand why we didn't. Hit me up when you're in FL
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply My reaction to the game can't even sum it up. You have to feel the reaction of this campus...this city...Spokane wanted this one. Everyone wanted this one. Classrooms are basically empty today. We'd never been there, but we were ready to take it all. And those guys fought their hearts out. It was an amazing season
      • [ – ] 512markdd parent reply I went to college at a small school in TX, went through a similar situation my senior year with our football team. Not quite the same scale by any means, but I can definitely relate. It was an amazing season though.
        • danielamann parent reply Totally understand!!! I've always felt that way seems like. My high school was small, but we were competing in Cross Country and Track for the State title on teams I was a part of. There is nothing like being a small school doing something big
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