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  • victorgd53 reply Excellent video. I also just came from YouTube and am a follower of David. You are correct in saying that all of these political monsters have to be arrested, jailed without bond, tried and hopefully convicted with sevear centences. It's got to be done otherwise we are doomed. As a society, we the American people have got to go through this experience in order for there to be closure to our past and experience a new begining.
  • Marylee211 reply Recently I came over to Vidme due to the censoring of David Seaman who has spoken only the truth so far as I have found. We are in a dangerous time where we are being faced with forced conformity with all freedoms being stripped away to the point that we will be in a precarious position. You video, what you have said is very powerful. Regardless of our personal beliefs, and any differences we have, we have come to a time as a people not only in the USA but in the world where we MUST stand up for truth and our freedoms, as well as the right to pursue a way to support ourselves independently w/o relying on government hand outs. We must resist becoming slaves with every ounce of our voices. Thank you for this strong stand for truth. Thank you for your words. I AM LISTENING. I AM AWAKE. Blessings.
  • [ – ] visualtechproductions reply had a laugh when you mentioned the ol' XHA1 camera lol. Great camera and produces a nice picture just a little out of date with no HDMI out. nice video btw.
  • daracer64 reply Nice video, lol. Think you could check out my video?
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