My Instrument Experiences

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  • [ – ] TastelessWulf reply If you made cartoons I would watch them
  • JustCrewzinAround reply @JaidenAnimations this gave me the inspiration to also have a piano lesson because of pokemon songs. :D
  • [ – ] WorldGrounds reply I've been with JaidenAnimations on YouTube for like a year and I never knew that Jaiden likes piano...
  • [ – ] iasi94 reply i hate instruments. Maybe its because i dont know how to play anything
  • sarah reply that cacophony of recorders will haunt me in my dreams
  • [ – ] iTone reply absolutely love your personality and your style of creation ! literally can't get enough. one of my fav channels on here and that last little bit you said in the end was awesome and so true. no need for the hate when you can spread love and make people feel happy.
  • lemonadeandlatte reply Love the Special Message at the end!
  • Arcade-Salad reply another really awesome video :D
  • TheMousePotato reply Never understood why they never just do private drum lessons.. are the parents too stingy to buy their kids their own drum kit or something??
  • STmaggot reply I cant believe jaiden is on vid.me lol
  • Johnny668 reply For me Gaming channels do copy each other they play the same exact game and have the exact same reactions it's just kind of annoying like look Kubsouts plays house party Jackseptieye plays house party Gloom games plays house party Who's next ???
  • myniggblg reply Oh Shia I didn't know u were on vid me
  • DanRoot reply Ahhhhh, this is really nice! Lovely lip syncing! <3
  • Johnny668 reply I'm so happy that you're here and you're real finally everyone I know on YouTube is moving to vid.me so I don't have to go there anymore cuz over there is just full of random people who are butthurts I'm so happy
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