Anime Truth #33d: Missing the Point (2014 version)

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  • Storm_Wolfe reply It's still a good show to me. I just love the artwork and the characters antics. Frankly in my opinion message mongering only really seems to work then you are dealing with something universal that is then you are communicating wisdom not knowledge
  • QPG719 reply Maaaybe people just don't get it because most people outside of Japan aren't very familiar with local Japanese social politics.
  • [ – ] Fiddlertheleper reply Just a quick question, do you believe that every product should be marketed to the population as a whole? Or, is it acceptable for companies to create a product at a targeted niche audience? Sadly i haven't seen the anime in contention here, though i might check it out now. But, it seems apparent from your own positions that at least two things are true; some people apparently did get and understand the "message" and other's did not. I don't see that as a failure of the show, unless it was created for international consumption from the get go. If it was targeted at Japanese audience's, and they largely did get the messages or themes, then it would seem to me that's a success, correct? There shouldn't be anything wrong with shows being aimed at a specific group of people, it's how we get so much variety in art. I do agree with your point's on literary construction. A story should be self-contained. But, often times the best art comes from breaking/bending or in some other clev...moreer way, turning these kind of literary concepts on their head. However, I am not claiming this to be the case with the show in question, I haven't seen it. Just seem's like this is a case of, it wasn't for everyone.
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply nothing can please everyone
      • [ – ] Fiddlertheleper parent reply Totally agree with you there. What is a show that you thought nailed the use of social commentary/parallel, or had a great example of how to convey the kind of external information that is important to the shows theme/message. without becoming bogged down in exposition, or falling into some of the other literary traps often associated with the genre?
  • robertendicott reply Well, one time watching
  • [ – ] silverdragon reply You missing the point of my hero academia. Mha fans say when you criticize their series.
    • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply But what point is there? To get them feels? Nobody's denying that it's good at being a cheap thrills driven power fantasy. Even more than that, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it as such. Sure, it's shallow and there're better on-going "dumb fun" fighting shounen like One Piece or JoJo, but MHA is still passable as a shallow show that it is. It isn't Fairy Tail, not yet at least. But for some reason the fans don't want to admit that it is such, they want to praise it as "the best anime ever". Really looking forward to bumping into a new Narutoesque fanbase that might become even more obnoxious than its predecessor. Nothing really new here though, people hyped up Naruto and Bleach, now they hype up MHA and DragonBleachSuper. There always has to be something. Remember Erased being in top 10 on MAL? It isn't like the overall mentality of the community has changed that much since than.
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