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  • Ninten_Duck reply Wait, Tsundere?
  • Christoph_Vaz reply @1:18 Tsundere Alert! xD
  • Crossman reply TL:DR You are the "Love hurts, and i love you loads buddy" type of girl :^) and it also sounds like you are pretty tomboys (tho this is just s supposition). As a person that has a very small poll fo experience with relationships, i can relate to not begin able to express correctly your own emotions when you try to go for a bit of teasing, this pretty much comes with experiece, it can be a be a bit embarrasing at time xDD Tho my real questionable point in the video is expect to find that 10/10 person to date, in my experience this is likely to never happen, or of it ever happens, more foten that not that person won't find you attractive, or at worse you will screw it all up cuz how nervious you close to him/her xD
  • EplxPro reply the Boyfriend having 30 facebook friends got me laughing
  • Kikazaru reply I'm single and lonely too, hahah, ah. Why does my mom want me to have children so badly ,_,
  • Novakid reply Tbh at this point I don't even wanna consider looking for a girlfriend :P
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