Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI Review

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  • slyofwar reply God damn I love this movies sense of humor Give a hoot don't pollute or Jason will cut your throat with glass bitch
  • GaryTurbo reply Its pretty dumb when people try to shoot Jason without realizing it don't affect him
  • Envy-Noson reply Almost forgot that the first few Friday the 13 were usually filled with nudity and people having sex like rabbits.
  • [ – ] LeftHeadGrave reply I only ever knew these movies from second hand info, was always more into other things so this has been interesting. ... But looking at it, this could actually do with a reboot. Seriously, they changed the basics of the story so many times it seems like it could easily be fixed for a big mini series or film restart. Have the mother gone insane and kill people to sacrifice to a demon over years, each kill just letting Jason's body survive a bit longer. When she dies the contract is complete and he's up, twisted, and ready to kill. Even use Tommy for the spirit to piggyback on but he fights it, though he still ends up a killer instead of the "hero". To try to get rid of it he digs up Jason's body to destroy it, try to fight occult with occult, end up creating the well known zombie brute. Heck you can even logically make Crystal Lake the holding spot as it became profane ground which pulls Tommy back there and holds Jason until a loophole is needed. Jason himself is a near mindless...more golem driven by demonic bloodlust.
    • LeftHeadGrave parent reply I am actually just now finding out there already was a reboot (shouldn't be surprised, just hadn't heard of it) and I'm officially saying my idea is better.
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