Will This Law End All Gun Control? | 2A Today

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply The 2a is the only gun law needed.
  • rxantos reply This legislator has it backwards. Legitimacy of laws comes from adherence to the Constitution. The constitution is clear, thereof all gun control laws are unlawful, thus not laws. In other words, there is no need for a law. The 2nd amendment stands on itself. As ANY law that goes against the constitution is Null and void.
  • [ – ] LeonLaGrey reply Government stay away from my guns!
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Libertydoll, you should get a research assistant and put out more videos like STYX. He is one of the best and looks to be a rising star. I dont know if that idea follows your business model but more videos would be free advertising. I think that works for dave cullen too. just my opinion.
  • TheLibertyBear reply It's not going to end gun control, it'll only slightly improve the situations of states like NY and Cali. I live in the state with one of the best firearms laws in the country (and world) and Federal laws are still a huge pain in the ass. Get a bill on the table which intends to rid us of the NFA and Hughs Amendment along with the import bans and then yeah, it'll be a law to end all gun control.
  • I3UTM reply I don't care about owning guns as much as I don't care about ones genitals. #libertylivesmatter
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