White Nationalism is Poison

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  • Ccamm reply Well, white nationalism is a normal thing. We like to live amongst our own people, because we understand each other and it feel good. We like to have our own nations to be able to decide about ourselves. Every "diverse" nation on the planet is deeply troubled by the racial conflicts. Why do we need it in the first place? Why other races love to live close to the whites and constantly "struggle"? White nationalism is natural and healthy.
  • boondicks reply "Alt-Right" is so insidious in name. It sound mundane, maybe even progressive compared to neocons. You had people like Milo making that assumption because they didn't bother to look deeper. Alt right was a trap afaic
  • Ccamm reply "Proud of accident of your birth"? - stop with this leftists BS. My birth wasn't an accident. My parent had decided to have a child and they make me happen consciously. Look how much of the troubles you're mentioning in your speech isn't possible in the place not divided by race. For instance there is no racism. No racism at all. No reason to be racist, no opportunity = no racist jokes, nobody discuss it, nobody is interested in it. We do not "hate f** nig*ers", because there are black faces around. They are all in Africa and on welfare in Sweden. The life is good without all that racial stupidity. And no, there wasn't "always" a "multiracial component to society in America", because blacks, mestizos and chinese were not a part of the society. You're right - this is your home, but in your best interest would be to have it separated from whites, otherwise you'll be resentful and angry all your life. Remember: whites are holding your down by their mere existence.
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