The Millennial Left Has Sold Out to Organized Religion, Corporations, and Authoritarianism

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  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply In about 8-10 years, the pendulum will be swinging back the other way because people are too fucking dumb to see through the two party balderdash and realize that Democrats and Republicans just take turns controlling the same fucked up system with zero intention of improving it. They just pass the "moral high ground" back and forth amongst themselves to keep people bouncing back and forth instead of moving forward.
  • [ – ] DankMcDreamcast reply I've made this comment on YouTube but Since is a bit easier to get a conversation out of it, I deiced to post it here to see what are other people's views are. Here I see the different between Gen Y and Z and how the years they progress. (Note I know not all people in these two generations apply to these groups, these are only my understanding and opinions of my observations.) also sorry for my sloppy grammar. 82'-87' Most of them (Not all) tend to have very strong neo-lib ideas and simply think that socialism works. lol These people tend to be more subtle and don't go out to look like walking STDs as much as the younger millennials but still have the same cancerous views. 88'-89'' These people are completely in bed with communism and tend to be worse than older millennials are the beginning of the average age range of antitfa members, although this is the minority of the millennials generations but most of the people born in these years still tend to be so defensive to PC cult...moreure and communism and think that Donald Trump 90'-94' These are the worst In my opinion because they took cues from the older Gen yers and go even more cancerous with Marxism and go out being retarded, making shitty Tumblr art with cuntish styles, Being whiny and call everyone Hitler and believe in the usual identity politics and Marxist crap as the older Millenials but are just louder. 95' Half are like slightly milder versions of older gen z while half are like the ones in 90'-94' or simply don't' care and only believe in neutralism/centralism and are as boring as watching paint dry. As a Gen Zer here's how I see it 96' a few of them are like 95'ers but almost all of them are not into SJWism but have some liberal views and some of them will have some true libertarian views like styx's views, but very few of them are fan of a overhaul of reforming in policies of the western world. 97' when I was born, I think the younger gen Zers are the more likely they are Conservative. I personally believe in race realism and believe in 80% of anarcho-capitalism, people in my age right now of 20 tend to be all over the place on this view but very few are leftists like I would say 10-20%. 98' - 00' a starting of a philosophy shift to be even more conservative. 01'-09' a good chunk sadly I've notice have neo-con views but still majority of them have libertarian views and want the same thing as I want 60-80% of anarcho-capitalism philosophy or simply really restricted government. I think we are like the Gen x of the first part of the conservative views but gen alpha may be like Gen y and take it to neo-con overly moralistic sadly. Hopefully a completely new political resonance happen by then.
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Welcome. Thats the exact reason i try to use vidme when possible.
      • DankMcDreamcast parent reply Yeah vidme don't censor comments or cover them as much as YouTube. It's a bit easier to get a reaction on Vidme and it's a bit easier to get a foot hole on the site since it's a bit new. Also sorry if the comment seem a bit too judgemental. I kinda think younger millennials are milder with there socialistic views but I still think I could of worded it better.
  • Andrath reply "The Millenial Left". Fucking brilliant.
  • [ – ] Sock_Puppet reply One day people might learn not to be partisan, one day...
  • [ – ] MattWayne reply Watching on vidme from now on! Google exodus has begun :) early stages hehe.
  • gbkthaddock reply Great presentation of the changing times hypocrisy. They tell me it's good for me NOW!
  • wolfalexzemla reply The way styx describes how the lefty's are in a state of flux reminds me of those cat videos where there are 6 kittens and they are following a laser pointer back and forth.
  • StolenMoment reply I remember seeing 'Beach Blanket Bingo' as a teen and hoping people of the future didn't think that's what it was like. I find today's angst is pretty much normal. Biggest problem I see is the young tend to be lazy. I had a job since I was 14 and yet a 19th century man would view me as intolerably indolent. Time marches on.
  • Real_JaceCombs reply Brilliant The millennial left .If there not a Islamisist closet Scientology cult member ,there a Judeo Christian or Jew who is cuckolded by it
  • Bal6fs2 reply I like how zsuckaturd preachs from his 7 achr beach in the Hawaiians... Reminds me of Chris cristie <-- i wonder how many pressure minds are under the water at zucs beach house? Probably has modifyed sharks with lazers attached to there head an shit. I can see him holding his pinky finger to his chin 1 bazilliontrillion quadmillion and no cents.
  • theicediamond7 reply i always enjoy your efforts. the two ass hole factions as i see it right now are the catholic luminoty vs trump the king of the templors. also 85% of the populous are putty brains. only 15% have the ability to domesticate and r and d the civilization into the future. the answer to this problem is obvious and regrettable
  • RouteDog reply I'm a young baby boomer truth seeker I;ve start to post videos on bitchute of other truth seekers. I will point people to your vidme videos.
  • Alien1375 reply Good thing the next generation after the millenials is getting more and anti SJW. The times are changing indeed...
  • [ – ] abetterwest reply Anyone having a problem with the player on Firefox? Styx's videos are frozen, but audio plays fine. Also, I noticed they changed the homepage and it's harder to find the 'hot' link. Are they trying to bury wrong think here too? Anyone know about the people who make this site happen?
    • [ – ] VonMotes parent reply expand (possible spam) I like the new site, I use FF 53.0.3 64-bit and video plays great.
      • [ – ] abetterwest parent reply I'm noticing it's only happening on Styx's videos :(
        • VonMotes parent reply expand (possible spam) Mozilla (Maker of Firefox) announced yesterday that they are joining the fight against "fake news" and will be giving SJW enemies a bunch of data they 'anonymously' collected on the 2016 US Presidential election, so I'm never using firefox again, after using it from version 1 to 53. I am using Pale Moon now, a Firefox branch that seems stable and supported by hackers for the time being.
  • ChrisHvide reply What's with this new stupid vidme design? If they keep making these dumb changes, they're gonna end up dead before they even get a chance to take off. What the hell are they doing? Great video btw.
  • Auceza reply Styx nails it. As usual.
  • ARTPAD reply Louis CK uses everyday material and he is hilarious!
  • Cryptonymus reply The two sides of the same turd. As I mentioned before, there is no real enemy nor conflict. It thus gives rise to that old adage "Idle hands are the devils workshop". Definitely a reactionary movement, brainwashed, and devoid of identity.
  • [ – ] funkul reply Don't forget the recent The Atlantic article which suggests that Hillary is considering becoming a preacher. It primarily chastises America for picking "questionable Christian" Trump over "openly faithful" Hillary, but it's another great example of this video's main point.
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