Bill Cooper Teased Us About The Nature of Our Reality (Gematria)

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  • [ – ] freetofindtruth reply Thank you for sharing this! If only he knew what I knew! Pretty soon all the truth seeking world will!
    • Shab-AlMutawa parent reply You're welcome friend. It's not like you showed me the single most important breakthrough on this planet :) Decided to start transferring my vids from YT after couple strikes.
  • [ – ] CitizenofGotham reply Thanks for this post as I found it via my Google Community: GPTs. Namaste
    • [ – ] Shab-AlMutawa parent reply You're welcome. That helps actually. I'm new to Vidme (transferring vids from YT) and not sure how it all works yet in regards to searching and finding information.
      • CitizenofGotham parent reply Yes, I feel the same; and I am doing the same, i.e., putting some videos on here, but they limit one to 30 minutes until one becomes "verified". And I think to gain sub, one has to "sub" another channel as well "donate" to them. It's weird as some have this and others do not..."strange goings on" :) Namaste
  • [ – ] digitalbroadcasts reply Mr. Cooper was in Naval Intelligence as an enlisted personnel, and when he started speaking of U.F.O.s on CNN, I just shook my head. I'm thinking he was duped, and later in his life admitted he was deceived. He knew of the 911 plot in advance, and the people that were planning it. That I feel got him smoked, plus his knowledge of the Kabbalah. His shortwave radio program would get disconnected, but he would continue taping so he could publish it later. He would rant about the Freemason's that were the ones disconnecting his LIVE link all the time.
    • [ – ] Shab-AlMutawa parent reply I remember Cooper talking about U.F.Os. Didn't he put an emphasis on the fact that U.F.Os are not off planet but simply advanced secret military ships? This was always super interesting to me ever since I was driving in Phoenix and the "Pheonix Lights" decided to happen lol, right over my head. It was mind boggling and I was a true believer that some weird alien/UFO phenomenon was really happening. I started to research and was coming to the conclusion that they are all, in fact, military. The "Lights" was just a psyop. Yes, out of all the agents they gave us through time, Cooper was somewhat special.
      • [ – ] digitalbroadcasts parent reply Yes..., anything that's labeled UFO would be our Zionist military. Do you think Cooper was really killed..., or was it just another "let the masses think he was killed ploy"? I do feel that JFK really did get his melon cracked open. His surname was coded "33" and he didn't like his father's corruption. All of JFK's speeches have been edited and whitewashed, concerning what he was trying to convey to the public.
        • Shab-AlMutawa parent reply How could we ever find out for sure? I tend to assume it's fake, while some are very hard to to think of that way like JFK.
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