CHEMTRAILS Part Of The Plan For Decades

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  • marycozzens reply I can't remember the last time any government agency told the truth. sad but true. the chemtrails have so many layers of abuse against us; damaging our health, damaging plant life/wild life, obscuring celestial views,being a canvas for projecting a false 'reality' onto [project blue beam], and for making perfectly intelligent people think there is nothing to see here! I could rant on this.
  • [ – ] theIAMofME2 reply I miss you too dear lady! Work is killing me but, I'm not dead yet. HA Hey, please text me your address. I can't find where I had it. I need to send you a copy of this magazine I found at work. VERY interesting. It's TOTALLY dedicated to the coming SOLAR ECLIPSE! No joke. It's not a regular publication either. I haven't looked at it yet but, I will let you know and wanted to send it to you.
  • jerzeydolphins reply Love ya to J :-)
  • marycozzens reply I'm sure our president would have obscure family stories about the confiscated Tesla info, but he would less likely have details of anything. my opinion anyway, if other families are anything like mine; there are secrets!
  • marycozzens reply I will check back later, this is a long one, I am AFK for a bit
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