The Charlottesville Debacle

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  • chewy_cookie reply Could you make a video suggesting other alt right channels to follow here on vidme? I think it would be really helpful making another video asking people to make the switch to Brave/Gab/ etc, I've just made the switch after putting it off for a while. It seems the purge is accelerating rapidly now so it's vital that people mode to free speech platforms before we lose the ability to even communicate with each other.
  • Justicewithasword reply Long live Millennial Woes!
  • poolehart reply Ah, that new site smell! This place seems to have some issues with my PS4 but I'll give it a crack.
  • InfallibleDialactic reply Hello Woes, got your message to shift over here, seems like the way forward, abandoning anti white platforms such as jewtube, and congregating on other platforms that are not anti white, this goes for all people, stop patronising these poisonous service provideres, a few recent examples would be google, air bnb, cloudflare, soundcloud, and the list goes on, we will take our intellect and our white privelege dollars elsewhere
  • dafalange reply One of your best videos, in my opinion.
  • Crypter27 reply Its nice to see you here on vidme MW ,this site is where its at
  • winston84 reply Just jumped from YouTube, Subbed Woes first
  • European-Defense reply The only way we are going to get more White people on our side is disavowing National Socialism. We need as many White people as possible. Let's push for White Republics.
  • MadeToDecay reply mass immigration to
  • buymybook reply You mentioned uncertainty on if the violent fervor is spread to "normie" leftists or just antifa, and from my own experiences I think it's getting very close to normies wanting us hurt. One of my closer friends is a liberal and almost destroyed our friendship because I defended Unite the Right's right to march and free speech. Said I was defending Nazis and called me as much. I think the general cultural zeitgeist on the left has become a very volatile thing.
  • Tramhead61 reply Hi woes, I followed you here from Jewtube. If this site is reliably not anti-white could you encourage other white nationalists to join you here so that you are all in one place; I'd prefer not to have to scour the internet looking for white nationalists on umpteen different media sites.
  • ArFhearann reply What do you think of all this chat that a lot of the figureheads in the Alt-Right are Feds?
  • MissDaintyFawn reply Fantastic video.
  • Locus-White reply its white genocide, either we fight back, or we wait to die.
  • AvidFan reply I am new to this
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