CNN 04-22-2017 Nye

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  • biffsnifter reply This is how TEEVEE manipulates public opinion, by finding the most soft-spoken and inarticulate representative of the side they want to suppress. This guy needs a shot of caffeine or something. Look at gore's hocky stick closely: what it shows is correlation between temp and CO2. The question is causality. Which drives which or are they both driven by something else? In the places where the two curves diverge, the temperature change LEADS (not follows) the CO2 change. And there are known mechanisms (changing ocean CO2 solubility and temperature-dependent soil microbe emissions) that would explain this. Furthermore the great humanitarian al gore seems oblivious to the democidal impact carbon taxation will have on the poor, as it renders practically everything more expensive and accelerates the concentration of wealth to the wealthy financial manipulators. It's not environmentalism if it's not science. It's just an orthodoxy promoted by the ultra-wealthy as a tool of mass socia...morel and population control. These are the same people who are fine with spreading every conceivable toxin and GMO around the planet for profit and apparently population control. Now they want to pathologize human breath. They don't think in terms of common good. They think in terms of propaganda and exploitation as they have for centuries. Here's a tiny sampling of the BS they've managed to push on the USA:
  • Babjei reply It is sad to see that not one of the hosts from CNN have the intelligence nor the intellect to properly understand what the physicist is saying. The only one there with degrees and papers is the physicist. None of the other two guests more the two hosts have contributed to science as this physics has and is contributing. The hosts and two other guests are running on pure emotion. Bill Nye has no scientific degree what so ever nor not one thesis nor paper in science. He has zero credibility among actual scientists, physicists and climatologist. He is an engineer who quite being an engineer to become a comedian in the 1980s and an actor in the 1990s and now a leftist mouth piece for the DNC. He is a leftwing activist and a fraud in the science community.
  • 1Jeff1 reply Bring in the idiot and the real genius! Let's see who is right! Mr, Nye, please give us your biographical education history: you say a High School Diploma. How about any college? You say no, but lots of kids show on science on TV? Is that all? Dr. Happier, please give us your education biography? You say a PhD in Environmental Science from MIT, a PhD in Physics, and a PhD in Organic Chemistry? But NO kids science TV shows? W How can we determine if you are not trying to mislead the people, since Mr. Nye, (the Science Guy), says he knows better then you that man is the total cause of climate change, and every human and Animal should stop exhaling immediately? You say, because you and other scientists have conducted scientific research on global warming? But Al Gore, the inventor of the internet, states that man is the total cause. Are these two geniuses to be denied their claims? No answer? What's that you said? They are both geniuses in their own minds! You are only a scientist, who...more researches and studies climate change, and discusses this with thousands of other scientists, collaborating, corroborating, and building studies that prove what is real and what isn't! So our people should not listen to Mr. Nye, the Science Guy, who make TV shows and is a genius, as stated by Al Gore, but listen to you? You don't even have a TV show! You have no genius like Al Gore calling you a genius! Get off this set! Never come back! You are a fraud! Sorry Mr. Nye! He should have never been allowed on this show. I wish it was not live, so the people could see the stupidity of such idiots claiming they are Scientists!
  • Icebox333 reply Nye is such a doofus
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