Mass Shooting in Las Vegas as Stephen Paddock Kills 50

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  • ironrope reply >shooter was rabid leftist with bean wife named marilou danley >attempted to kill majority white "trump" voters at country western concert archives already have been dug and these top points are already proven/will never be shown to mainstream audiences because "muh white shooter" (((media))) will push this the other way but anyone with half a brain can see the evidence. also styx dylan roof was targeting a specific senator at the church (Clementa C. Pinckney) and he had called for her by name when entering the church - this point was buried however in the news to fit "muh stupid white shooter" stereotype.
  • Half-Cracked reply Im glad that there are people willing to NOT jump to conclusions and stay rational thew it all. I agree, agenda pushing is not a sutable way to handle tragitys such as this.
  • [ – ] CriticalCondition reply Thank you for making this video Styx and being a voice of reason. I couldn't agree with what you said in this video more.
  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply Like always when such a tragedy happens it's wise to wait at least 24h before jumping to conclusions prematurely. The facts so far are: one (or maybe multiple?) shooter with an automatic (assault?)-rifle (rapid fire!!) blew trough 3 mags which he fired in 3 distinct continuous series, each from full to empty without any pause. He killed at least 50 people, wounded over 100. And now we know A name; is it the shooter? My first impressions: the fotoseries looks VERY posed - almost like movie scenes. That does NOT say this is the case. Now i wait until there's more details told NOT by the mainstream media, but the internet.
    • [ – ] brileevir parent reply +Platypus67 Yup. Wait and see. Although his brother did seem genuinely confused about how this could happen. In addition to the families of the victims, I feel sorry for the brother. He didn't ask for this.
      • Platypus67 parent reply Yes. I guess it's always very difficult for the closer relatives (except if they are muslim probably - they cheer about one of their own killed a bunch of nonbelievers...). Probably even more if the person is/was of this age. It's very sad anyways; and even worse: i guarantee you some folks will abuse this incidence to further support their agenda
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply They are claiming that the shooter in Las Vegas killed himself, this really doesn't make any sense as it seems the goal was to kill as many people as possible so why didn't he go down fighting to the death. I have NO confidence in the lies that are coming out of the main stream media. I want them to also investigate this scenario that the real shooter wanted this suite to carry out the Vegas shooting and this suit. I want the investigation to also consider that when he answered the door the real shooter pointed a gun at him then forced him back into the room where he was then shot him before the real shooter carried out the attack on the concert. I want the investigation to rule this out as a possibility, as this has deep state written all over it. Hillary's and the Globalist are just that corrupt. There are many reports that there was more than the sound of One automatic weapon's fire. The same type of information that there were multiple weapons fire when JFK lost his life. Lets co...morenduct this investigation with the possibility that the deep state was involved and look of evidence of just such a matter or if there is evidence that security system was tampered with and video is missing. Missing video from a Hotel in Vegas, we should know when he took a piss and see him carrying up the guns in the video surveillance, Remember this is VEGAS. There are camera's going into the washrooms. The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967
    • Tangara parent reply both the Ukranian and Syrian civil war got kicked off by unknown roof top shooters, shooting at a specific segment of the population
    • [ – ] OxAcientOrder parent reply Climate: He had cameras set up in the hall ways of the hotel. When the police was at his door he killed himself. He likely didn't want to die by the cops.
      • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply That sounds even more suspicious, he brought cameras and then hooked them up to watch from the room while he was shooting, that make NO sense to me as the hotel security didn't see the cameras placed in the hallway. Also why are the windows from two different suites broken out ward from what appears to be two different rooms, on the same floor. This makes me think he decided that his first room position wasn't good so he moved to the second room. Even more suspicious is there is NO evidence that the Vegas Swat team even shot back as there aren't more damaged windows. Where is the hotel video of him moving in all this equipment. Like I said it seems like the occupant of the room was taken out by the real shooter or shooters. This looks so much like a deep state operation, lets get a list of the dead and where is the video evidence of 50 dead bodies in the hospital morgue. Or any video of bloodied people entering the emergency room for treatment. I want to see the security footage for th...moree hospital emergency room. I know that every emergency room has security guards and cameras.
        • [ – ] Gilgaearel_Baen parent reply How did he manage to bring so many weapons in his room? It would be impossible to move them into the hotel room at once. And when he gathered the weapons where did he hide them? Hotel rooms have room service and not that many places to hide 10-15 ( as media claim) automatic weapons. So how did he manage first to buy these weapons, bring them in such number to his hotel room without attract any attention from the hotel staff. Unless the weapons were already inside the room/s.
          • ClimatePonziLie parent reply There seems to be a lot of questions that make the current explanation suspicious. Did they look at his bank account and determine when he purchased these weapons and where. How did he hide them from his girl friend, also his brother said he didn't even like guns so where did he learn to convert them to full auto. I don't think anyone should accept the current explanation without conclusive evidence.
          • OxAcientOrder parent reply When I stay in a hotel. I can go back and forth to my car without anyone bothering me with more items.
        • OxAcientOrder parent reply I'm not sure why there where two different windows broken for sure. But one cop as he was moving to the locations said "confirmed there are two shooters"
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply All I know is that 50 innocent people are now dead because they wanted to enjoy a concert. Let us hope that the 400 + injured will all be OK!
  • Auceza reply Most Lefties are insane and violent. There is a high chance that he is a Commie or a supporter of fascist Crooked Clinton. Anyways it's also possible he was just a bitter, mad dude.
  • tmosley reply >What does jihad have to do with all the dead in Las Vegas Literally everything.
  • Joogal reply I hate country music too but this is a bit extreme to say the least.
  • brileevir reply This was a country music festival. How does the Left think that there is anything here that will help them. All America sees is disgusting vultures, feeding on the dead.
  • thehfgman reply I dont hear anyone talking about the people that actually got killed who they were its sicking how everyone has turned into an ambulance chaser.
  • ACCEPTTT reply True words
  • Black_Tower reply Whatever his motive, he argue ably, killed THE MOST AMERICAN! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜₯
  • Gilgaearel_Baen reply The crucial question is not where and how he got the automatic weapons but how ha managed to take them into his hotel room in such number. He couldn't take them all at once in his hotel room so where did he hide them? Hotel rooms have room service. Where did he hide the weapons?
  • White_Sturgeon reply This was an old man- he obviously wanted them to turn the music down!
  • MGTOWLIFE reply My gut this morning was 'probably on the left targeting a group he associates with Trump' Taking bets now
  • [ – ] OxAcientOrder reply Styx: I don't understand your logic in this video. It was clearly some kind of extremist. if that type of extremist wasn't getting pumped up by their belief those people would be alive.
    • macrox6 parent reply Tell that to serial killers/rapists. I get why Styx following the center idea. cause when the dust settles, you need to have no bias.
  • Skedar reply Sam Hyde strikes again!
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Sadly, the death toll in Vegas has risen. This is complete insanity!
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