Minecraft Gameplay Conquest Reforged - More Minecraft Building (Let's Play Minecraft)

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  • KreatorB reply +•••Fire-Wolf-Gaming••• Asked if I could Explain: Sure thing... So I am in no way a big Youtuber. In fact I am nobody. But I put out vids, stream and content to say the least. So I monetize my stuff. The few pennies I make off my content pays for almost nothing. In-fact it buys me a game or something here and there. However as of today I got hit by Youtube and they refuse to pay me for video that people visit even if it is monetized. The reason behind this is cause of the titles or the content on the thumbnails(some refer to it as click-bait). Example: The Evil Within as a title will be flagged and Demonetized cause of the word Evil, A video about the game Suicide Guy will be demonetize cause of the word Suicide. Yet these are game names and the thumbnails show it! So what that means is a load of my videos are no longer available to bring me in pennies. But youtube will continue to play. But they state that they are not advertiser friendly. Whatever... So you will not get a...moredverts or money. I find this bullshit as the games are just that and the titles are not miss leading or harmful nor are the thumbnails. I know what you are saying, just dispute it. Fact remains they will not look at a dispute unless the video gets more then 1000 views a week. What does this mean>? It means little Tubers like my self are screwed if youtube does not like your title, thumbnail or even the content. So I have taken upon myself to start a challenge to fight demonetization by youtube. How you ask, easy. I have about 600 videos that where monetized this morning and now I have about 50, I have decided to unlisted all my content. What does that do? well if we all band together and UN-list our content YouTube advertising market goes down and so do there advertisers. So start by supporting with listing and sharing the idea it will make an impact. If we fight we can change it, but if we say whatever, we LOSE IT ALL! Your fellow Tuber/streamer KreatorB
  • KreatorB reply expand (possible spam) PLEASE NOTE: As of Sept/07/2017 only new videos and a select few will be available to watch. Youtube has forced our hand by demonetizing our video due to titles and thumbnail issues. So now the support is needed more then ever if you wish to continue to see Content.
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