Alex Jones Talks Gay Frogs With Top CEO: Secrets Of Covert Chemical Warfare Exposed / VISIT INFOWARS.COM NEWSWARS.COM

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Veterans should be given first choice to go to University and Collage as they risked their lives to defend out freedoms. They should demand that a Quota of vets be maintained on all Universities and if need be they should be give a free education to ensure that the Quota of Vets is maintained, as they are the real dreamer of the USA as they risked their lives to defend the country and many suffered as a result and they deserve every break as a result of their courage and sacrifice.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply There trying to stop Independent media as it is recording history as it actually happens and this makes changing history down the memory hole impossible as independent media won't go along with them. Hitler would have loved Google and it's ability to control the narrative. Google and the Main Stream Media are attempting to control the facts. They created AI that flags specific words like (Trump), so they can ban independent media producers that present the truth, Then they try to drop it into the memory hole. Google is a Monopoly and is anti freedom as it is using it's platform to destroy your intellectual property, which in it's self is a crime. I think that the last few minutes of this video are a must watch as it says so much. On Vidme
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