what i learned in high school

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  • [ – ] teacherandrew reply learning to deal with the social dynamics in high school can translate to skills in the work place
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply people skills are in fact the hardest thing to excel in life, ive learned a thing or few during my middle and high school years, and now even as a uni student, i'm still learning.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply All of that was very funny! I once tried to eat Gummy Bears in class but the little plastic bag wouldn't open. So I pulled on it really hard and all the Bears went flying out in a Gummy explosion. Very embarrassing as my desk was situated in the middle of the class. The quick covert change was impressive. My wife can do the same thing with her bra, which is also entertaining. Thanks for sharing your humor with all of us!
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply as high schoolers we tend to come up with the weirdest solutions for scenarios haha, and ah a gummy bear confetti, must have been an unforgettable scenery!
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