Who Am I? - First Vid.me Video!

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  • [ – ] tageneislover reply This video doesn's start for some reason.
    • [ – ] EndoPlasmite parent reply I am not really sure why it's not posting. I think you might have to refresh it? (I'm still very much new to vid.me)
      • [ – ] tageneislover parent reply I tried it a few times already, but it still doesn't seem to work. Do you have a link to it on Youtube or something?
        • [ – ] EndoPlasmite parent reply I do not unfortunately. I have it so it's posted only on here. :/ I should be able to look into it further once I return from work.
          • [ – ] EndoPlasmite parent reply Ok, back from work. This is only a guess, since Vid.me is still pretty new. If you are running it on mobile, try running it on a computer instead. If you are running on a computer, either try using a different web browser, or try running it on mobile. Pretty much all I can think of :/
            • [ – ] tageneislover parent reply After the last Vidme update on mobile, I managed to watch it properly. Also, make TF2 videos if you want. I'm pretty sure you know the game. I mean, I saw two Demomen in the video and it seemed interesting, so why not?
              • EndoPlasmite parent reply Yep! That was part of the TF2 funny moments videos on YouTube that I did with a few friends. Might make that one of the things I download onto Vidme.
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