My first Mario Maker video... JUST A BIT OF RAGE!!!!

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  • [ – ] DevinSeviyn reply I can't fuckin stand Mario games because I suck at them. This would infuriate me even more.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Really?? I'm a huge fan of mario especially mario maker. You should try some of the more easier levels on it.
      • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply I would probably murder someone. lol.
        • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Haha! Oh god that is a level of stress that would lead to more stress!
          • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply Fuck that noise, dude! lol. I have anger issues, but I'm implosive where you are explosive. implosive anger can get ugly. lol Maybe I need to learn something from you and give a good yell when something pisses me off. xD
            • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Haha what no way I'm relaxed! I have never exploded not even once... No proof lol. Yeah that does sound pretty scary actually. Hopefully you get game rage by your self lol.
              • [ – ] DevinSeviyn parent reply Lol. The weirdness of a horror based content creator. We are still as fun loving as the rest of you guys though. Living proof is @MarzieMalfoy . Such a sweet person.
                • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I totally​ agree! Yeah man it's true horror creators just wanna have fun. for some reason they enjoy scaring people lol.
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