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  • CigarBGuitarefx reply I dont have this problem. I only play games that respect my freedom. Games that are available in the Debian and/or Trisquel repositories. Richard Stallman is my shepherd and I am his Gnu.
  • [ – ] djindy reply That line that "government is going to have to intervene" if the game companies don't self regulate took my by surprise actually, as the line of argument before it actually seemed to suggest instead that if game companies don't self regulate, they will meet with severe backlash from gamers (presumably in the form of gamers no longer buying the games of companies that engage in such practices, or otherwise causing them problems). That would mean the government wouldn't need to intervene really, as game companies that continued such practices would suffer and ones that do not would benefit, creating an incentive for game companies to fix themselves. Government may choose to intervene anyway, or gamers may take their backlash of complaints to the government asking them to intervene, but it doesn't seem like the necessary only route from that scenario.
    • [ – ] iasi94 parent reply the thing is that average game consumers aren't that aware of these kind of practices. They either don't care or don't know. These practices have a negative impact on consumers but not on a noticeable way to them. Sometimes government should intervene, but only on some cases
      • djindy parent reply That would seem to undercut the videos argument though (or a lot of it anyway) as one of the main points or conditions mentioned was that gamers are more likely to actually notice these things (or absolutely would) than other consumers. There may indeed be times it is appropriate for government to intervene, I'm just saying that conclusion seemed odd with the line of argument that lead to it, which seemed to lend itself to a different conclusion.
  • duffy reply hmmm....extremely interesting stuff.
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