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  • [ – ] OralRobots reply I think there are way too many videos *about* VidMe on VidMe. There should be fight club rules or something. LOL
    • [ – ] Sectual parent reply LOL, well I usually don't do stuff like this, but Wolfer was sweet enough to tag me and it really touched my heart. I think there are so many vids about VidMe on VidMe because everyone is so excited about the platform. Everyone loves to check out a new thing, especially when you actually feel like you're part of something. It's hard to feel that with sites like YouTube who are so oversaturated and corporate that it's basically impossible to get noticed when you're a smaller content creator. You basically have to sign up with a bunch of companies and sponsors to even be seen on YT these days.
      • OralRobots parent reply I get what you're saying, and I agree it's exciting to get in on the ground floor of a new thing. However, the medium becoming the message is what turned me off of Hollywood and the mainstream media. To paraphrase, infrastructure should be seen and not heard.
      • [ – ] OralRobots parent reply YouTube's arrogance will be its downfall.
        • [ – ] Sectual parent reply Well said. Also, regarding the VidMe videos on VidMe... it is just a phase. It's a healthy stepping stone on the way to a larger VidMe. Eventually these videos about VidMe will be a rarity. Though the site has been around for years already, there's always a catalyst wherein it breaks the surface and gets attention... the influx of new people causes excitement over the 'newness factor'. Within a year, the dynamic will have changed, and new comers will approach the platform much like YouTube or any other well-developed site. Which is bittersweet, to me, but inevitable.
          • OralRobots parent reply It's amazing that YouTube didn't see this coming. Google, more than any other company, should have its finger on the pulse of online opinion.
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply I lost the #vidmeshirt, but I love that I'm a winner your eyes! ^_^
    • Sectual parent reply I was shocked you didn't win one of the categories. Not gonna lie. I kept waiting for them to say your name. I think we both know your video was the best. I'll say it, but you can be humble about it and just know to yourself.
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Lol you're awesome thank you so much! I didn't know my nipple boop was your favorite video on Vidme! Thanks again! :)
    • Sectual parent reply Your nipples are pure glory!!! LOL <3 Glad you saw this, and thanks again for making me feel like a part of something <3
    • Wolfer parent reply P.S. I know I was following you...Don't know what happened...I'm so sorry!
  • [ – ] AntiBullshitMan reply Trix at her most chill! You weren't kidding when you said being behind the wheel is like SugarTown for you. (not verbatim, I know) SiteWars: My best case scenario prediction still manages to be twistedly pessimistic: Some of the content on here goes viral and VidMe starts to outcompete YouTube. This grabs Google's attention, so Google buys out VidMe like they did with YouTube back in 2007. Predictably, VidMe goes the way of YouTube and promotes fluffy contrivances over its vintage, raw content creators who were never in it for the shekels. The uncontrived depart and try to find the next VidMe. I want to be wrong, but this rinse-and-repeat process seems unavoidable whenever an oligopoly or a de jure monopoly is already in existence. Swimming upstream and all that. Ideally, what we need is a coalition that's formed around a single issue; our demand for a two-tiered internet. Tier #1 retains what we see now: A cotton candy search engine for Confirmation Bias addled minds. Tier #2 wou...moreld resemble a public library, meaning we'd finally have an internet search engine that's not indexed by a marketing company looking to sell dumb shit to dumber people. We'd have a real non-profit alternative, which plays into the hands of everyone who uploads as a hobby. When people upload to pay bills, it just becomes quantity over quality. But more importantly: Uncontaminated Index = Two people who have drastically different browsing histories, but who type in an identical keyword search nonetheless, would actually get identical results for that search regardless of their previous activities. Imagine that. What can I say... I like to dream bigly.
    • Sectual parent reply I absolutely agree with you re: the two tiered internet. It's a great idea and I feel that something like this will happen. With regards to VidMe, it has of course crossed my mind that at the first sign of true competition, Google may buy out the site, offering a price that would be hard for any mere mortal to refuse. This is the extreme issue that comes into play with there is a corporate monopoly such as Google. Unfortunately, the solution would require people who are likeminded as we are, who also have an absurd amount of money (and/or other resources) in order to build that future which we envision. Of course I do believe it can happen.
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply LOL....Illuminati is a hater from YouTube. 80% of her subs are haters from YouTube as well.
  • RAGEfit reply Agreed about vidme. I'm hoping it becomes big, TONS more creator friendly than Google is making Youtube
  • Sectual reply I tag @illuminaughty
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