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  • whitezombie reply Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . Polynesians are ecstatic that little girls dress as moana. They are positively drooling. Not only did the film put their scattered isles on the map for the wide public in the first world, it did so in a quite sympathetic way toward their culture. Tourist revenue people tourist revenue coming from the rich first world to their little island corner of the planet. And then ,you have a virtue signalling retard trying to queer the deal. If i where her i would avoid polyniseians for the foreseeable future. They may be triggered into unfortunate actions. Notice I said may, they may not, but the possibility exists We wouldn't want to trigger the polynesians now would we?
  • Kaladesh reply Cultural appropriation... It means cultural theft. How is wearing a Halloween costume theft of a culture? And that is how to fight Snowflakes: stick to the proper word meaning, and to the point. They can't do either, and their heads will explode from trying to work out what is being said to them.
  • aidanjt reply Can only upvote once for the sjw pwnage, not the awesomeness that's Leroy Jenkins.
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