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  • [ – ] duffy reply i am beyond hyped for this.
  • [ – ] AlmightyKingMarz reply #BOTW all day! But if you don't like zelda or MK then I would wait on it
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Man! ima need yall and Nintendo to leave Donkey Kong alone! You big bully's! lol You stay getting blown up on tweeter in these videos lmao. You know my take on the switch.
  • DookisWatching reply Safe to say, everyone will hear what I have to say about the Nintendo Bitch...errr Switch on the podcast. Shit call it Nintendo Click. Love Nintendo but its too gimmicky. Zelda though looks amazing!!!!!
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply i never played splatoon either but i wonder was it such a high demand for them to be included in this? i need to check it out eventually. good vid btw :D
  • [ – ] IAmCKtv reply Look since your boy skipped on the WiiU I'm just going all in on this Switch because minus the weak games coming out in the beginning (Other than MK, Zelda, and Mario Odyssey) I'm making that gamble!
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply First of your welcome, you deserve more support for your channel, Super Mario Odyssey will be first game for me to get with the Nintendo Switch, also since I didn't play Mario kart 8 on WiiU since I never owned a WiiU, I'll get Mario kart 8 Deluxe instead, maybe I didn't deserve a WiiU anyway, cause I was more focused on my 3DS.
  • MetalheyCentral reply "He even said yea" I cracked up man. Great video. I'm not sure if i'll be getting a switch, it doesnt appeal to me. I like the variety you bring to your channel with these different videos. Gameing videos are great but variety, I like variety.
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