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  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply Awesome pics! I love how you offer constructive criticism! So many people are afraid to do it. Serious balls(or equivalent) dude!
    • [ – ] 2AwkwardDragons parent reply Thank you! I wasnt meaning to attack anyone if they feel that way, but they are more than welcome to discuss it as needed!
      • [ – ] linktheinformer parent reply Not being afraid to is really something I respect. Mad props dude.
        • 2AwkwardDragons parent reply Haha thank you again! Yeah, Im no saint by any means, most of our content is pretty cringey so I accept feedback as I give mine out to others! Its a two way street. Thank you AGAIN AGAIN for the view, the support, the follow, I hope we entertain you, even if its in the slightest!
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