Human Experiment - YouTube vs Vidme (joe rambles)

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply For me it's all about watching and supporting content creators with a little bit of uploading stuff based on how others create content, my little experiment.
    • [ – ] JoeMischief parent reply You seem to be finding your own style though...
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply This is why I respect and seek out vloggers, each one, including yourself are unique, even though they may seem similar there is subtle differences that make a difference. Each vlogger has their own mannerisms, history, stories, their surroundings, etc. I've also noticed Gamers unknowingly have a little vlogging going on, which is cool too. Kind of weird having followers when all I do is create content to please myself.
        • JoeMischief parent reply I think the gamers come out of their shell gradually by as you said often vlogging whilst gaming. After all the biggest YouTube star there is started that way..
        • JoeMischief parent reply The fact you are very encouraging to newbies Iike myself and will seek out new vloggers to follow will push people on and inspire them to do more. That is very positive.
        • JoeMischief parent reply I'm not sure it is so weird... We are all influenced by others but if you are doing something that pleases you then it will have your own stamp on things. That as you said makes it unique. Also think your both open and kind attitude towards new creators endears you towards others.
  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply My goals are money and fame...
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply Best wishes Joe. What are your goals with your channel/video creating?
  • JoeMischief reply As you can see I take myself very seriously...
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