Newtuber Advice (Part 6, Burnout!!)

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  • [ – ] dancrivelli reply yea daily vlogs, is like that. you use alot of energy everyday. But I put no pressure on myself. So it makes it easy. If I miss a day hey, I don't mind.
  • [ – ] Comander-O reply This is definitely something interesting to keep in mind that I never thought to much about really since I'm just glad to have my friends and family to help me avoid this and just keeping a plan or schedule on what to do also helps. Also great advice videos so far since I don't think many people talk much about these kinds of things that you bring up. :)
    • MajorSvenGaming parent reply Thanks so much for watching man... You sound like you have it organised which is great. I also haven't seen many talk about this stuff so i really hope it helps people, its only a viewpoint but it is also a warning for people not to fall into that trap :)
  • Supernatural_Sightings reply Darn, I should have put my comment on this video. Burnout is easy when you are trying to do sooo much..Don't quit, just take a break, go outside and do something different and then come back to it. It helps. Also, this month was the first time I experienced hate and it really brought me down and then I had to realize I'm doing this for me and to have fun. Let all the crap go and keep going!! :)
  • ExploringFriesland reply What a lovely impactful video, well done mate and sound advice too. ;-)
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