Why aren't You on Facebook ?

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  • [ – ] Yagisu reply Sarcastically, Facebook sees itself like a registry of the world, it's sad that they also bend the laws to please the worst dictators, like Pakistan, a guy was imprisoned and maybe facing beheadings because of facebook blasphemy watch.
    • [ – ] Dragoku parent reply 'Student who mocked ISIS in Facebook post is investigated for Islamophobia' after FACEBOOK reported him, on what side is the social media on?
      • Yagisu parent reply It's all about the products and SOROS briberies to keep the world ignorant and in chaos - he and the Clintons deal in ARMS and weaponry and ISIS are their best clients... Trump also sold weapons to the Saudis... by the billions.
  • [ – ] McTJack reply I just saw another related topic '[Facebook Has Patents to Spy On You Even With Phone Turned Off!]' I will bookmark it if you want to check it out, it's quite scary! Cool tech, but please how far will facebook go?
    • [ – ] Yagisu parent reply Facebook could not survive if they don't have a market to a variety of products, and unfortunately the adverts seem to rule just as their pleasing dictators... it's like a country's politics, we might hate it but still respect it because they run the wheels of the show!
  • Sundawn reply I'm adding this to my google account and my album too... :)
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