VIDME Community Challenge - FINALLY ANSWERED!

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  • MrKnoxious reply Thank you so much for the shout out! It means so much! Thanks again. :) P.s. Wilford Warfstache is a character from popular YouTuber Markiplier
  • doomx2001 reply Based on this video alone, you got a new follower. The Macho Man shirt helped to make you the cream of the crop! It's hard to get noticed on planet with a several billion people. So I hope both you and the people you shouted out get more followers/attention. Keep truckin'!
  • AvenueofIntrigue reply Thanks for the shoutout :)
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply What a nice birthday surprise!! Thank you so much @richlocolive!! I appreciate the kind words! (Also, Wilford is a Markiplier alter-ego--he's one of my daily inspirations so I HAD to include Wilford on my guest list). But my channel is a page for everyone and my guest list hopefully inspires others to join the party (notice how the list has no just falls out of frame!) Thank you for supporting such awesome other creators!!
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