I Oppose Trump's Plan to Prosecute Assange, but the Legacy Media's Hypocrisy is Arguably Worse

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  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply The fact is, not enough people care about Assange to make a prosecution not worth it politically. It's sad, but public ignorance is a powerful tool. If you happen to read this Styx, what do you think of Trump's "I'm a nationalist and a globalist" quote? It seems legit. A pivot to the center maybe? I don't know.
    • Lord_of_Fire parent reply People are overreacting and misunderstanding what he meant, again. This is coming in the wake of him saying he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, because he doesn't like the current terms and wants to improve on them. In that sense, that would make him a bit globalist. HOWEVER, he also said he has the US' best interest in mind and is willing to axe the agreement altogether if it makes things worse, which is a nationalistic mindset. Also, keep in mind that this originates from the Wall Street Journal, who don't really have the best track record of reporting the facts as they are. Even if it's true to a large extent, their wording makes Trump look like he's worse than he actually is, so I don't think he "sold out" (unlike many other people who only read the headlines, and don't use critical thinking). Of course, if he did, he deserves any criticism he can get, but if he didn't, then the people who jumped the gun owe him an apology.
    • buddyyeshua parent reply I'm not concerned with how he defines himself. That quote doesn't even make sense. It's just him fucking with people
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply He is appeasing the globalists. But i think deep down there's a good man. I think he realized that once you're the president you realize things can't be changed and he wants protection. I don't blame the guy.. i mean sooooo many people have threatened him =[ .. he can't afford to make more enemies and the only people that will/can protect him are the neocons aka globalists. However, i do hope he wants to be remembered as a good man (which he still can be) and so he is still doing lowkey conservative things like withdrawing from tpp and lowering taxes. Like styx said... he can only be a mild reformer and i really think if he COULD do the right thing he would.. but he has to do it mildly. That's my take on it. He's still far better than hillary and if i could go back and vote: i'd vote for him again, all things considered. I am though worried he will get too burned out and give up. [Imo obv]
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