Retarded people are dumb

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  • Barrahcuda reply :D glorious. Interesting additional; The two common categories of the retarded are, 1. Physical and 2. Mental Individual retards can be catastrophically physically retarded and yet still completely mentally functional and the vice versa also occurs. The more i see, the more i think the latter is everywhere.
  • [ – ] KaiserTrigger reply I have autism. I'm retarded. Please. I beg you to slap me with a dildo and call me retarded. No joke, real autism diagnosis.
    • [ – ] Kizzume parent reply Me too. But autism has nothing to do with being retarded.
      • [ – ] KaiserTrigger parent reply But it does. It's another label that denotes slower thinking or slower potential growth. It's one of those ways someone can be considered retarded. So point is, it shouldn't matter if someone is retarded or not. It's just a word.
        • Kizzume parent reply It's actually not about overall slowness, because there are usually areas of utter brilliance in autistic people.
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