The Red Pill: Movie Review!

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  • OnlyUltimate reply Awesome one!
  • zoedoeslife reply Thanks for watching :) Check out my YouTube channel for more!
  • [ – ] YouCanLeaveThisEmpty reply hi zoedoeslife, I've a curiosity about why you change from a feminist to a mra, do you think it was related with age, something you saw, political view,...? I know that many feminist women that have a male baby quickly make that change, but you seem young and in this last months i saw many feminists saying they are no longer feminists. So if you can please try to explain why a feminist change her ideology so radically. Not a big deal but i been struggling for this in last months (struggling to understand, i'm a guy +40 years old, mgtow). Thanks.
    • SelerieSticks parent reply I know you intended for Zoe to answer this, but I felt inclined to respond anyways. I used to be a feminist (and trans) from 11 to 17 (I actually discovered my transgenderism was only a phase much sooner, at about 14.) When I turned 18 I discovered MGTOW and "alternative think," through the YouTube channels of Tl;Dr, SargonofAkkad, and Christina Hoff Summers. I realized modern Feminism is not the roses and cherries they claim to be and men do NOT have it all. I started doing more research into the subjects and now consider myself an MRA. I may do a video on it eventually, I avoided discussing my political background on YouTube but I feel fine discussing it here where fewer people know me in the real world.
  • whitevanman reply A bit long but a cool vid... I think we have it a little more balanced here in the uk.. up the trump:-)
  • TheTrue reply Nice vid. I only hear about men's rights from friends who struggle for visitation rights for their own kids and fair treatment for child support here in America. Here the mother gets visitation control, which is usually used to stop fathers from seeing their kids and thereby getting more in child support. A corrupt and vindictive little circle of law, in my opinion, which makes the children suffer more for it.
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