Zia's Past | Bastion Lets Play | # 12

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  • [ – ] kawaiisky reply Hey! I love your video and the game Bastion, and I see that you do too! Games like these are great! :) It would help me out a lot if you wouldn't mind taking a second out of your day and checking out my latest video! Thank you in advance!
    • [ – ] AurumDelSol parent reply I saw your latest vid and i have to say its a nice, quick and informative video , which is nice for a guy like me who is not really into pubg. My problems with it though is mainly the audio. The music is too loud and overpowers your voice from time to time and makes it a little hard to focus on your commentary. Another problem is how your voice is sounding. Your voice is sometimes low then all of a sudden turns loud and makes it very annoying to listen to along with the music I'd say making sure your audio is balanced and stable will help you a lot. other then that work on your speech andn you have the makings for someone who can deliver good informative videos in my opinion
      • [ – ] kawaiisky parent reply Thank you very much sir, the audio has been common feedback, and I am still working on mixing it down, and I am glad that I can help inform people like you. If you want to keep up with PUBG and other games, leaving a follow would be very helpful.
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