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  • jhirzel88 reply I've thought about your situation long and hard. I think you should take a break...from the internet. Really! Nightfright is right! Take his advice and just stay off these websites that are causing you problems. You don't want this stress to continue. Just stay on Metajolt, its your best option right now.
  • SubZeroAppleSauce reply I sorry you're going through this. Like ChaoticGaming said, take a break from making videos, and get to a better place.
  • NightFright reply MrThomas man enough man time to come back to metajolt my friend where your good friends are I care about you and all this stress is going to kill you man . These people are not worth it that's why I stay off of certain web sites and this is why they do this to see you get mad metajolt has your true friends and they care .
  • ChaoticGaming reply mah need a break from this site man. Take some time and gain your mind back
  • NightFright reply craftinglord21 everything your friends said about me being a pedo is not true that to comes from a troll I know who I got banned from vidme and other web sites for harassing a web site user in a wheelchair now I bet you will make fun of me being handicap and tell all your kid friends at least I can make jokes about myself being in a wheelchair so if you have any feelings about posting that video you would be nice enough to remove it and be a man about it if not then what I said about you is all true good day to you.
  • NightFright reply well that just precious of craftinglord21 making a video about me and he only copies comments here and still don't know the whole truth and the story of what happened on wenoo and he's good about making up the rest. It's on VidLii and youtube they all hear a bunch of rumors from trolls from a year ago and I know who told them. Craftinglord21 I really don't know why my age has anything to do with me being on the web sites are you going to condemn everybody on the web site's for they're age lol. If you want a rant then we need to get together and have a one on one rant and I will put you in your place. drama you say only for you and your rant's are half truth's and you should pick another topic to do bc your rant's just suck and you are no news reporter on getting the facts about anybody just to start hate and that's why you get your videos reported .
  • NightFright reply 100% reasons why I don't go on VidLii all kids and why you are not on top the Admin is a bunch of shit she picks all kids and most of them I blocked here craftinglord21 and spiderman will never be for you it's a lost cause with them they hurt you and I am pissed off for you block them and move on and let things cool down my friend. I wouldn't stand a chance bc trolls would attack me and I would be banned just like on vidme so Thomas my suggestion is to stick with metajolt and twitter and vimeo
  • KotaTail reply What is this, Bashur 2.0? :/
  • MrRonlivingstone reply uh oh. stick to your guns!
  • ZenGamesTV reply where are these videos you talk about? are they on vidme?
  • ZenGamesTV reply wow, is this a meltdown?
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