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  • fahaadalsubaie reply when i first watched this podcast i thought you were exaggerating but after watching princess tutu and full moon i agree with the criticism and it helped me open my eyes
  • WaywardNerd reply thank you for making this available again. I need that sweet, sweet old burn sessions you had.
  • [ – ] WolfRat reply Oh boy... There are so many points in this analysis where you take a shallow, low-depth analysis and pretend that the show itself is shallow. I mean, Homura did not keep killing Kyubey because it would serve no purpose to pile up the bodies. She wanted to keep her powers, background and motivation a mystery, so an all-out confrontation was out of the question and she merely wanted to occupy or chase him away, so he could not make contact with Madoka. Then there is this whole part about Kyubey being supposed to be this true neutral guy with no emotions. Well, not even according to his own admission. While his limited understanding of human emotions might make it hard for him to comprehend the concept of deception, strategic withdrawal of information is a simple matter of optimization. No need for empathy, when you have the power of cold, hard statistics backing up your decisions. It's as simple as mapping the information giving to a girl to the likelihood of that girl becoming a magic...moreal girl.
    • WolfRat parent reply Something I gotta agree on is that the assholes on the train seem really forced. No normal persons ever show up but out of nowhere exactly those two guys show up? But well, I can give the writer a pass on this one. He overheard a conversation while on the train and really wanted to put it into the story he was working on. I can see why he desperately wanted that conversation to be in there because it's obvious something like that would be on his mind after hearing it on the train, but the inclusion of this conversation does seem a bit forced, no doubt about it.
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