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  • [ – ] herb_planter reply stop funding youtube imo
  • [ – ] SlavicLore reply I talked about so called FSA months and months ago, and people call me a conspiracy theorist, traitor, Putin's troll and Assad supporter. Thank you for speaking against it Stefan Molyneux!
    • WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Nothing wrong in being Assad supporter .... considering the alternative ... Assad supporters are on the right side of history.
  • WhiteWolf2412 reply John McTumor should do us s all a favour and jump in volcano already. Very good video, and yes, Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt used to be progressive ( for the region ) secular countries.
  • GSP-4ME reply Take the profit motive out of warfare,..the rest will attend to itself.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The main stream media is corrupt, apparently Libya in now a hot bed of ISIS, yet these migrants can still get through, it must be ISIS that is making money on this trade. ISIS is hiding in these groups and I wouldn't put it past them to drowned a child too increase their funding and keep their access route into Europe open. These people will behead/ drown children to advance their cause. This act has made sure that they maintain access into Europe.
  • [ – ] kinkydoints reply scary part is the president is surrounding himself with the military advisers...I pray he uses the best judgement on any advise these military folks give him, don't get me wrong we need to keep the US safe but these middle eastern conflicts seem to just suck anything into it's hate.
  • mattytripps reply Hello stefan molynex from freedomainradio how are you today?
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Cut to the chase. No greater Israel project, no need for waring.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Google this to see for yourself the PLO PAYS terrorist a monthly salary to those that kill Jewish families. Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund Graham, Corker Hold Press Conference on The Taylor Force Act In hearing on Taylor Force Act, Rubio discusses Palestinian funding of terrorists Senator Todd Young: Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Taylor Force Act
  • tonygreene113 reply this shit will stop as soon as the right pegs in the wall are put in place.
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