Parasite Eve - PS1 | Morty's Laboratorium

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  • Mortys_Laboratorium reply Heard about that movie and as you mentioned, its supposed to be really creepy and good. Never bother with the Chrysler Building, its just not worth the time. The rat transformation did ti more for me, mostly because i cant take skin being pealed off like its done in the video. The Ultimate Life form when it craws up the boat just made me laugh. after all that build all the talk, its just a baby with a devil tail. but hey, different folks different strokes :3
  • JadeJicama reply There is a movie based on the first book as well, it's surprisingly creepy, but very hard to get hold of. Can't remember ever bothering to complete the Chrysler Building. And, the only really creepy scene for me was the Ultimate Life Form's first for climbing up on the boat and giving that baby cry. Though the first time I saw the rat transform... but only the first time, for some reason.
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